Switching from iPhone to Android?

Unfortunately, you will have to pay for the app again. I have no control over switching to Android—I can only help those that switch from Android to Apple. I can only cancel Android orders and issue Apple promo codes, all of which serves to benefit switching to Apple. But, if I cancelled your Android order after you made the purchase, you would not be eligible for the updates through Google Play.

But, you'll be back to iOS. 😃 Users almost always revert back to iPhone after experiencing the troublesome Android OS. You will also notice my app does not have all the bells and whistles that it has on your iPhone. Some features are not possible to create on Android because Android devices have an array of different OS versions, some that support some features and others that do not. It's like the buffalo theory—I can only develop an app as best as the oldest, most popular OS. With Android, it is up to the device manufacturer to provide an update, whereas Apple allows all of their devices to be updated to allow the same features. On the flip side, you will find many apps in Google Play that Apple declined to approve for sale in the Apple App Store, like malware. Lol. But seriously, there are some pretty cool police apps on Android that are not available on Apple. Hope to see you return to your iPhone soon!
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