Why aren't we replacing our Toughbooks with iPads?

Why aren't we replacing our Toughbooks with iPads? Replacing your in-cruiser Toughbooks with iPads would save you thousands while providing more resources. I could go on and on about the pros of having an iPad in cruisers over laptops...cost, portability, wireless connectivity, speed, apps, GPS location of officer, etc. They have RAM and ProClip docking mounts for iPads and using the free iBooks app, you can easily have all of your policies in PDF format in make them searchable. They also have apps for the Emergency Response Guidebook ($5), state laws ($5), Voice Translator ($3), EvidenceCam ($2), FI-Pad ($5), Police Scanner ($5), Vehicle Identification Systems ($2), Crime Scene Floor Plans (Free), Sex Offender Search (Free), etc. I also have the privilege to know of some other major apps in the works by other major organizations that will do nothing but provide the best tools for law enforcement.

Although not technically "app legal," you can download all these apps on all of your agency's devices while only paying for each app once (just use a single app store login and sync all devices). Using the same Apple ID would also allow for officers to know the GPS location of each officer using Find My iPhone (Free), which also allows for alerts to be sent to the devices. There are a couple CAD apps available to allow officers to compose their written reports and receive their dispatches via the iPad, including LawSoft and SafetyNet.

Get rid of the Windows crashworthy Touchbooks and buy your agency some iPads. A better product at a cheaper cost!
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