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#1 Selling Law Enforcement App!

Over 2,000 pages of useful LE information!

* Accident investigation formulas; brake efficiency; narrative templates; different tire size speed calculator; view GPS coordinates for crash reports. LiDAR test instructions; Warrant PUR guidelines;

* Training articles regarding detecting concealed weapons, pluralistic ignorance, interview & interrogation, detecting deception, rookie drug interdiction mistakes, Drug Recognition Expert training and more. Video tutorials for SFST's and new CPR guidelines;

* Pill identifier; DEA drug schedule; DEA chemical list; pills of abuse photos; NADDI pharmaceutical drugs of abuse pamphlets; commonly abused prescription drug pics;

* Case Law resources for probable cause (search); probable cause (arrest); reasonable suspicion; abandoned property; administrative search; community care taking; consent search; corrections (body cavity search; strip search; due process with discipline; prisoner drug testing); disorderly conduct type arrests; exculpatory evidence; exigent circumstances; expectation of privacy; good faith doctrine; hot pursuit; ignorance of law; incident to arrest search; international border searches; internal investigations; K-9 sniffs; Miranda; open fields doctrine; plain view; probationer searches; public authority defense; school searches; stop & frisk; suspect line-Up; thermal camera; traffic stops (pre-textual stops; passenger not free to leave; length of stops; order occupants out of vehicle; passengers to provide identification; miranda warnings; GPS, phone, and beeper pings; vehicle searches; vehicle inventory; roadblock / checkpoints); trash & garbage search; use of force; vehicle pursuits; warrant execution, and much more…

* News RSS feeds from American Police Beat,, and;

* Legal update RSS feeds from American Police Beat, AELE, Public Agency Training Council, and U.S. Supreme Court;

* The ability to take a photo and have a date/time stamp, GPS location and address appear in the photo's top margin for evidence. Photos can be stored on the device's camera roll, or organized in an in-app folder system where the photos can be sent via email or MMS;

* Report narrative templates with some crime-specific questions to consider (very early stages);

* A integrated work calendar to maintain your rotating work schedule;
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